Transforming complexity into powerful communications

Story and Strategy

An independent consultancy focused on helping tech-driven businesses communicate effectively with all audiences to build reputation and drive growth.

Story and Strategy helps leaders, communicators and marketers in tech-driven businesses to overcome these issues by creating stories that resonate with key audiences.

Technology permeates virtually every aspect of our world today, but it is difficult to convey its value to sceptical audiences. Customers, regulators, politicians, citizens’ rights and civil society groups and the public as a whole are all asking searching questions of tech and tech-driven businesses today.

Influencing these demanding audiences requires powerful stories that simplify without dumbing down and create relevance to grab attention in noisy, contested environments. Having the right story gets you noticed, builds sustainable reputation and increases the return on all marketing and communications investments.

Story and Strategy combines deep understanding of technology and technology businesses with expertise in creating compelling communications campaigns the deliver business benefit.